By Idris Salaam

Black Power means Action.
Black Power is a Movement.
Black Power isn’t about waiting for others.
Black Power is about making things happen.
Black Power is about building foundations for us to stand on.
Black Power is about Management of Resources to create a better Way of Life.
Black Power is about the Self-Management of ones family to another. It’s about building better communities for our children to live in.
Black Power is about expanding our horizons outside and creating a model for others to live by.
Black Power is about stabilizing our Financial resources in order to build stronger foundations and better resources for economic stability.
Black Power NOT in words, but Black Power in Action.
Black Power is about growth. It’s about education, understanding ones potential and combining both elements in order to grow.
Why are we waiting for someone else to build it for us?
Why are we waiting for handouts?
Why are we complaining?
We CANNOT rely on anyone but ourselves to fix this problem. The problem lies within ourselves. There ARE resources to fix this problem. Ranting all day about who’s blacker, more African, More Hebrew, or whatever is just wasting time. Regardless of who/what you classify yourself, the fact remains:
WE ARE STILL AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN and your title isn’t getting you any higher.
Lay down your swords and lets get to the table and fix this. One man can make a plan. But it’ll take an Army to execute it